Sound Bingo! A FREE game.

BINGO cardI made this to play with Dorian and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Basic Bingo rules apply, except the board is a 5X5 grid of instruments (the center square is a ‘free space’ and considered already filled). Listen to the audio clips and cross off (or cover) each instrument as it plays. First to get five-in-a-row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) is the winner. Easy!

  • Download and unzip the zip file.
  • Print the cards.
  • Either burn the audio to CD or create a playlist on an mp3 player.
  • Set to random or shuffle.
  • Hit play to start the game.


Some of the instruments might be unfamiliar and some sound like other instruments, so the name is spoken once during each clip. Dorian ¬†insisted we use the voice of “Robot Mommy”. After a few games, we changed the rules so only the first to shout out the correct instrument covered a square. We also used a remote to skip to the next track and speed the game up. It’s a great way to learn about different instruments, develop deliberate listening and have fun!